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I am amazed with how well this recreates the classic Pac-Man with a whole new classic appearance. The graphics and sound are amazing and the gameplay is very fun. I enjoy the level design as well. The reason I did not give this game any more than four stars, though is that it was not exactly clear to me what I was supposed to do at first but you would figure it out after playing for some time. Nice job!

SpaceTrucker2000 responds:

yes, the main menu is some kind of puzzle in itself :)
thanks for the nice words!

Quite a good start. Although, I am having a hard time what I am supposed to do. You need to give instructions on how to control the star or at least make it easier for the player to find out what he is supposed to do. The frame rate you chose is quite awkward because the red block seems to have quite a hard time keeping up with my mouse. I would also suggest improving the graphics. Like, change the red cursor or add a background to give the player feel more like he is in space. I would also like it if you added some music and sound effects to it, with an optional mute button.

Overall, your concept is very good. As it stands now, I am giving it only one star but I bet that this game will become a masterpiece when it is finished ;)

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Taizer responds:

Thanks garylu1999! I am currently looking for a musician and artist for the game. What was the issue with the framerate? That may have been an issue with the physics of the red planet. It is supposed to move fast, although I have now adjusted it to move a little bit slower.

Before I get into my review, I have to say that most of the other reviews are quite awful. If you are going to give a game a low score, at least state your reasons.

This game is quite fun to play. There are many different ways you can customize your own Fidget Spinner. The presentation, graphics and sound are quite nice. I also like the unlockables. However, the reasons I do not want to give this game a very high score is that the spinner does not control that well. The way the spinner in this game spins does not really give you the satisfaction of how a real fidget spinner spins, mostly because it slows down too quickly. Also, there is not really much lasting appeal to it since pretty much all it is is just customizing fidget spinners.
I do like the concept though and I can tell that you worked hard on this. Nice job.

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